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YoonMiRae “This Love” Teaser Says So Little, Yet So Much

YoonMiRae’s “This Love” single isn’t debuting until Monday, but her teaser released today gives us a look at what to expect. The piano intro takes us into the emotional world, and Lady T’s encapsulating eyes and classy outfits draw us in. Seriously, cue the Kleenex.

Three more days.

-DrunkenTiger International


YoonMiRae New Single May Require You To Get A Kleenex… Again

December seems to be the month for YoonMiRae singles!

Just a year ago, our queen T released the emotional hip-hop ballad, “Angel,” with the rest of MFBTY’s members, Tiger JK & YoonMiRae. Amidst our celebrations, we received the cover photo for her new single, “This Love,” and this exclusive from Feel Ghood Music:


YoonMiRae finished her music video shoot last week, with husband, Tiger JK, making a guest appearance on set. Above, Tasha is seen with Princess Leia-esque buns, and appropriately so, Yoda slippers.

“This Love” is emotion filled and is said to fit the winter vibe. Get the tissues ready.

Stay tuned as we debut more exclusives.

-DrunkenTiger International

[vid] MFBTY Didn’t Just Drop an MV, They Gave Us a Studio Tour & Free Kareoke

If there is anything that we’ve learned about our boss, Tiger JK, he is extremely spontaneous. It’s something that has driven our staff crazy at times, but genius somehow comes out of it. So when MFBTY decided to drop the long awaited “6AM” MV live from their studio this morning, we were surprised yet glad they went out on this whim.

Screenshot 2015-10-06 13.37.14

Fans anticipated they would just see the MV debut, but on top of getting the first glimpse of it, fans were treated to a tour of the studio. Their humble abode is filled with never ending shelves of rare LPs, a quaint recording studio, and random chatskis from their past music video shoots.

MFBTY Get It In YoonMiRae
YoonMiRae with her “Get It In” sword
The stereo from Tiger JK's
The stereo from Tiger JK’s “Good To See You Again”

Extra bonus, check this old photo of them with DoubleK and a teenage Dok2.

Dok2 DoubleK MFBTY
MFBTY with Double K and teenage Dok2

After a brief casual sing and dance to Tiger JK’s “Reset,” Tiger JK saw Bizzy regress into quiet mode. Given the MV debut centered around Bizzy, JK encourages him to take the spotlight and sing “Love & Peace” on his own. See Bizzy fully wile out at 16:40 (finally!).

Bizzy wiles out during
Bizzy wiles out during “Love and Peace”

If you want to skip the fun (Booo!) and just watch the full MV, check it below:

-Drunken Tiger International


[news] Yoon Mi-rae collaborates with German DJ, Boys Noize, on upcoming single

Via YonHap News English

SEOUL, July 29 — South Korean rapper Yoon Mi-rae has teamed up with a German DJ for her new single coming out this week, her agency said Wednesday.

“Capture the City,” scheduled to hit stores on Friday, is a collaboration between YoonMiRae, South Korea’s top female rapper, and Boys Noize, a German electronic music producer who topped the Beatport chart with his debut single “Next Order.”

“We expect Yoon to show what an ’empress of hip hop’ sounds like in this collaboration single,” Feel Ghood Music said in a statement.

“Capture the City” tells listeners to look at their cities from a new perspective by mixing noises heard around Seoul, according to the agency.

Previously, the DJ has worked with South Korean boy band BigBang on its special album “Still Alive” and G-Dragon, one of BigBang’s members, on his solo album “Coup d’Etat.”

YoonMiRae has been recognized as a “diamond in the rough” by the U.S. music website MTV Iggy. She also made the top 12 female rappers list by the same website in 2011.

The single will be released 07/31.

-DrunkenTiger International

[news] MFBTY to Perform With SeoTaiji At Pentaport Rock Festival


Seo Taiji and Tiger JK, two of Korean music’s pioneers, will collab on stage together August 8th.

The two musicians will perform a special set on the second day of Pentaport Rock Festival at Songdo, Incheon City. MFBTY will be a guest of SeoTaiji’s and they will perform two of Seotaiji’s groundbreaking songs, “Ha Yu Ga,” and “Classroom Idealogy.”

Seotaiji has been called the father of Korean pop culture. He and his then group, Seotaiji Boys, changed Korean music with their song, “I Know,” and introduced the element of rap into the scene. Tiger JK & YoonMirae are said to be the pioneers of  hip-hop culture. The three artists coming together is a major event in Korean music history.

Tickets for Pentaport can be purchased via Interpark or through the Pentaport website. Ticket prices vary based on quantity and the day(s) attending.

Source: Sports Donga, StarDaily

-DrunkenTiger International


[news] Tiger JK & MFBTY Create New Cheer Song & MV for the HanWha Eagles

Kim Sung Guen (Eagles Manager) with Tiger JK
“Baseball God,” Kim Sung Guen and “Hip-Hop King,” Tiger JK

According to the Korean baseball League, the HanWha Eagles are preparing a top secret cheer project with hip-hop legend, Tiger JK. The Eagles are having a great year and have a strong fan following. The team believes this project with Tiger JK will strengthen team spirit.

Fans of the Eagles have been using an old cheer anthem, and the new anthem will mark a new chapter in Eagles history. This year, team manager, Kim Sung Guen, has led the team on a winning streak, earning his name as “Baseball God.” The HanWha Eagles are now amongst the top 5 teams.

This cheer project for the Eagles will include a partnership with Tiger JK’s project group, MFBTY. It will also embed Tiger JK into baseball history.

A rep from the Eagles stated that, “This is the best gift we could give fans. From the performer invited to the conception, we couldn’t sell the fans short. We wanted the best quality.”

Tiger JK’s song, “Monster,” is already a much loved cheer song by baseball fans. The baseline to “Monster” (bam-ba-ba-ba-ba-bam) is used by the Doosan Bears to encourage their pitcher to be more tenacious.

The Hanwha corporation sought out Tiger JK for a long time, and were surprised when he finally came on board for the project.

The new Eagles cheer will debut this month and has high expectations. It is said that for a performer to create a cheer anthem like this is rare, but it is progressing quickly and is gaining much attention.

Hanwha also plans to make a music video to accompany the song. While many teams have made videos to cheer their team on, this is the first time a baseball team has created a music video for their team. The video will be directed by Feel Ghood Music resident videographer, Lumpens.

Tiger JK’s song will be the rebirth for the Eagles and will express the fighting spirit of the team. According to officials, the melody is easy, but powerful enough to encourage both the team and the fans.

Source: Sports Chosun

Drunken Tiger International