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Belated Wedding Gift – JK asks Project Runway Korea to design Tasha’s dream dress

Last night’s episode of Project Runway Korea guest starred JK as the designer’s client.  For a brief moment, the designers worried how they would design something for a hip-hop star, but were relieved when JK revealed the real challenge.

“Please make my wife a wedding dress.”

The couple had a small secret ceremony in 2007, but at the time, didn’t have the funds to get Tasha a real wedding dress. Tasha had always wanted a dress for her wedding, and JK personally requested Project Runway to create one for his wife.

JK requested a simplistic style, something that flatters Tasha’s collar bone and top, and something that flows on the bottom. The top 2 dresses were a toss up between Jung Mi Young’s design (top) and Yoon Choon Ho (bottom). MiYoung’s dress ultimately won the challenge.

Jung Mi Young (Winning Dress)

The 2nd dress is more my style, but the first one has an angelic look fit for a bride. 🙂

The worst dress was criticized for being over-embellished and for having Tasha’s name misspelled on the train of the dress (“Mi-Re” instead of “Mi Rae”).  On top of that, it was done with elementary school glitter. Remember those days when you would write your name in Elmer’s glue and drizzle glitter on top to create a “cool” picture? Yeah, picture that on a wedding dress. Yikes!

New English Interview! (and Forum for us!)

JK recently finished a very detailed and *rare* English interview with KoME world. Go their site to read more about the the roots of DT, influences, and yes, his great Twitter addiction.

Ko-Me World English Interview

Also, thanks to our sister site, TigerBalm, we now have an functioning English forum for us to debate and discuss. As much as I know how much everyone loves to read my stuff (:P), I know the opportunity to connect with other fans (and JK) is important. You will need to input a Korean SSN to read/write for now, however. Borrow a friend’s if possible.

DT English Forum

For now, JK is working on producing Tasha’s HIP-HOP album, her first since her 2002 release. More updates to come.

Tiger Responds to racist comments about his son

Drunken Tiger history shows that JK and the old school crew were no strangers to being vocal about some of the hypocrisy in Korean society. JK most recently reacted to racist comments made by netizens about his son, who is 1/4 African American and 3/4 Korean. Before these comments, JK had written about how when Tasha first came to Korea, she was outcasted due to racism and her inability to speak Korean well (years in Korea of course have changed this). After JK had appeared on TV with his son, net bloggers had made inappropriate racist comments about his son, and while Tasha’s rise as well as other “hapas-Koreans” fame have brought Korea a little closer to overcoming racism, some ignorance still resides. JK reacted strongly, stating his role as a father as his basis for defending his son (and with good reason!)

The comments are below:

“can’t be liked by everybody i know, there’s an article about Jordan, and some of them relpys make me sick,,,,talkin about race,”

“talki bout his hair being nappy and he looks black, they prolly like 12, prolly yong kidz but hopefully they learn”

“Comments are always like that but there are actually kids who say things like half black half black. Racism won’t disappear forever.”

“racism, im sure they dont know no better,it’s ma fault for xposing ma son like that tho when they call ma son up to the stage i had a feelin”

“cant believe the are going as far as using the N word, they need to get the ass whooped by they pops, ignorant ass younginz”

“I know that half of the comments are written by kids who want attention but people still use the expression black.”

“ha im used to bein hated / called all kinds of name it comes wit territory / but in the states i was called a chink ,N now the N word here”

“they could hate all they could, im here for that im used to bein hated, chewed on, jk wack this and that, but can dey just C wat dey C,Love”

“callin ma wife and me kid, nappy headed N***R , i wish they would see me in the street”

“^^ I’m a father so I went crazy over hate comments. I’m sorry.”

“peops are so lonely like me da would say anytihing behind the walls of matrix to say things that would get em attention,i pray for they soul”

Tablo of Epik High replied to Tiger JK saying, “This world doesn’t make sense and it has so many bad people. Your child is beautiful!”


It’s freezing in Seoul, my students give me a headache, and I can’t keep up with JK’s twitter

(above: JK tweeting, seriously)

Hey all,

So the updates have been MIA for awhile and I apologize. We started a new semester at my hakwon, and the start of semesters are always time consuming. Plus, JK’s shows have been really expensive lately, and my teacher’s salary can’t handle going to all of them lol

Anyway, I will try to update everything in a quick list. I’ve backtracked through pages and pages of JK’s twitter ( and will summarize. (BTW, JK, you are a twitter addict!)

At the Golden Disk Awards, JK won the title of Best Album of the Year, sporting dreadlocks reminscent of the 3rd album. While I’d love to go back and give a full report, JK’s twitter is insane and I can’t even backtrack 3 days ago.  From memory, I know he took this photo to please his halfy 2pm/Drunken Tiger fans.  I call them halfies because they are half DT fans and half 2pm fans.

Also, it was announced that JK’s label, Jungle Entertainment, signed on another artist, Cho Moon Guen, the runner up of Korea’s version of American Idol “Superstar K.” He’s a soul singer, sorta similar to Bobby, and the first male vocalist to join the label.

JK announced in another round of twitter updates that Tasha’s releasing a hip-hop album in March 2010, after nearly 8 years since her last hip-hop album, Gemini.

This coming week on Wednesday, JK’s going to be doing a concert with the Ying Yang Twins in Ilsan (Ilsan Kintext). If you’re balling, you can get a crapshoot seat for 99,000 won and for 250,000 won you can get in the pit. The concert starts at 9pm.

JK’s been tweeting videos and pictures of his life lately, which are quite entertaining. My personal fave is the one of his son watching Justin Timberlake perform on TV.

Other than that, I don’t have any other updates. I haven’t been able to be on scene for the latest shows due to the reasons I first mentioned. The only personal update I have for you is this:

JK texted me Merry Christmas.

Hope that’s satisfactory ;D

-Miss DrunkenCamp

Victory Sealed With A Kiss (JK wins Best Male Singer Award @ MAMA)

In an effort to unify all the music award ceremonies in Asia, MNET transformed their annual awards show into a continental wide award show, awarding and highlighting artists from all over Asia. JK was the first act of renovated MNET Asian Music Awards, starting the show with “Monster,” however, the huge highlight of the night came when JK beat out Bi (Rain), G-Dragon, Lee SeungChul, and MC Mong for the title of Best Male Artist of the year. JK has won his share of awards over the years, mostly under the Best Hip-Hop Artist category, but this is the first time JK has won the Best Male Artist award.

JK’s prize was first sealed with a kiss from wife, Yoon Mirae (Tasha). Clearly overwhelmed, JK was at lost for words when he delivered his speech.

Here is the Monster performance that started the show.

After the show, Interscope Records VP, Luke Wood, complimented JK on his performance:

“I was surprised by the energy from the stage with Drunken Tiger. Their skills in rapping are not inferior to that of American rappers like Jay-Z and Raekwon. Also with 2NE1, G-Dragon and Taeyang, I was impressed with the composition. Especially, with 2NE1’s pop dance musical. I also think 2PM and Yoon Mi Rae are memorable.”

While I wouldn’t personally mention some of the other artists in the same sentence with JK, it’s good to see JK and Tasha getting more recognition from international personalities. This adds on to the ongoing list of personas that have given props to the two (Talib Kweli, Rakaa/Dilated Peoples, Missy Elliot, Jay-Z, Cypress Hill, John Legend, etc. etc.).

The last award show of the year, The Golden Disc Awards, comes up this weekend and JK is up for another Best Hip-Hop Artist award. Until then, I leave you with this photo from the latest M.A.C. Viva Glam campaign here in Korea.

P.S. The future generation of “Female Rappers” also did a special performance of Tasha’s “Pay Day,” at the MAMA awards….

JK’s got style (but some journalists need some of his mojo)

On November 10th, 2009, JK won the award for Best Dressed Male Singer at Korea’s Style Icon Awards. JK’s sported some unique things this year, from multicolored vests to fur hats, but I don’t think any other performer could pull it off as well.

So why do I mention journalists today?

Well, this news came to me from an article from a Korean news source (who I will not name for their sake), and for a report that talked about JK looking great, the editor who did the layout chose a photo that just didn’t convey that as well.

What are some examples of JK with style? Here’s what I would’ve chosen.

(this is the lifesize poster that’s in front of my bus stop 🙂 )


“I like free things because free things like me.” – FREE DT/Tasha concert!

Yes, it’s true, after spending $75/ticket in the past to see DT perform in the US, life has decided to play a fun joke and tell me about free DT concerts here in Seoul. Man, Korean fans, you guys are lucky!

When: Oct 7th, 2009 @ 8pm
Where: Olympic Park Olympic Hall (Line 5, Olympic Park station)
Who: Drunken Tiger, Tasha, Epik High, Clazziqui, House Rulez
Cost: FREE, $0, CERO, NADA

Tickets are first come first serve. Early arrival is suggested.

MTV 홈페이지(
매그앤매그 (

After a long day, I give you… a music video. (“축하해/Congratulations” MV)

That’s right. After raving about R16 for an eternity, I am choosing not to post about it… yet.

Left the house at 12pm, got to Incheon at 2:30pm, got my seat and kept my place for 3 hours, concert and madness ends circa 9:40pm, took the bus back to seoul, ate, and got back home at 1:38am. i am too tired to upload anything.

so i give you other related DT news. A few weeks ago, JK released a new single, “축하해/Congratulations” from the “Feel Good” side of his 8th album. The song summarizes his journal entries during the moments he became a father.

The MV has a sort of home video feeling, chronicling baby Jordan’s first 18 months and JK/Tasha’s marriage.

… that is one cute baby.

“My IPhone is Drunk” – DT the 1st artist to launch IPhone app (+DT8 on ITunes!)

So about 3 days ago, DT became the first Korean artist to have a full on digital interactive presence worldwide. Not only has DT8 been released on Itunes (FYI, it’s cheaper to get it on Itunes vs. buying it for a whopping $30 in the USA), DT is the first Korean artist to have a real Iphone app that links the new official international site [] directly to people’s Iphones. Launched by DBSK Kollective, the new website aims to be a comprehensive international friendly place for DT fans worldwide. See the full article on the new site:

DT Goes Digital

In other news: A few of us are going to R-16 on Sunday, meeting @ Gangnam station to take express bus to Incheon circa 1pm (still tentative time). Email me asap if you’d like to join (

-Miss DC

An Epik Drunken Halloween

So I had plans to terrorize Seoul with my warped idea of a “costume” on Halloween night, but I guess I’ll have to put that on hold.

What: Jungle Entertainment Party

Who’s Performing: Drunken Tiger, Tasha, Epik High, Leessang, Palo Alto, Zeebra, Soul Dive

Date: October 31st, 2009

Where: Walkerhill Vista Hall (W Hotel)

Time: 10pm – 4am, festivities start usually around 12am

Price: 44,000won before 09.27.09 (purchased via online -see above), 55,000 afterwards (online), and 66,000 at the door

How to Get There: Take Line 5 to GwangNaRoo Stop, Exit 4 -or- Take Line 2 to GangByeong/Techno Mart (front of). Outside these exits is a shuttle that goes directly to the hotel. It does end at 11pm though, so get there before then.

FYI – I have no idea how to navigate the online sites and even if I did, I think you need a Korean CC # and citizenship to buy tickets (looks like  us foreigners have to wing it).

-Miss DC