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[video/pics] Photojournal from R-16

Thanks to fans, friends, and The Sunzoo crew, we were able to compile some of the best photos and videos from last week’s Sunzoo Concert. For those who were stuck elsewhere and unable to go like me, thank your fellow fans for waiting hours for this performance and holding a camera still for 40 minutes straight!

Front Row: Abridged Version

Full Performance Part 1: Sansoo (Math) + True Romance + Let’s Dance

Part 2: Good Life with Jay Park, Jet Pack

Part 3: Pay Day, Monster, Get Down

Photo Credits: DJ Jhig, Roscoe Umali, Miguel Pearson, Brian Shin, CrazyPhotographer
Video Credits: Miguel Pearson, Sofia_KR 



[photos] “Where We’ve Been” – The Sunzoo Project In Los Angeles

Thanks to the great response to the NY photos, I decided to do the same for the latest shots from the LA “MY Time” video shoot. LA is not my native domain, so I had to do a little extra research to bring this to ya’ll. LA is where JK spent most of his childhood, so if there are any mistakes, feel free to correct me so I can give J’s town justice.

Classic Cars and The Bridge To Los Angeles

Thanks to California’s vibrant car culture, LA is home to some of the biggest car collectors in the world. Included in this group is Danny Soto, who has such a valuable collection of classic cars that he rents them to musicians for their video shoots. Remember that car that could actually “jump” in the Kris-Kross “Jump Jump” video? That’s one of Danny’s cars. Other artists who he’s worked with: SWV, Cypress Hill, and now, Sunzoo. Tasha and JK took their lended 63′ Impala across the 6th Street Viaduct, an 80 year old bridge that connects 2 major California freeways to the heart of downtown LA. The bridge is no stranger to media cameos: it’s been used in Terminator 2, Grease, and of course, To Live and Die in L.A. This location was chosen by director David Kebo because of its symbolic association as the entrance to LA, and nothing says LA better than riding into the city with a classic car.

Driving across the bridge.

Tasha’s reflection in the side view mirror

For Rockstars, Pop Stars, and Superstars Alike: Nightbird Studios

With its plush interior, great location,and renowned sound equipment, NightBird Studios has become the 2nd home for multiple stars, including Madonna, Will.I.Am, Chaka Khan, John Legend, and well… the list goes on like that. The crew came here to do some final touches on the record as well as record some scenes for the MV.

Producer Techbeatz mixing the record. Techbeatz has produced non-stop hit records for JK, including “Monster,” and “Jetpack.” Like many of JK’s team, the two have been friends since high school.

The Personalities of Downtown

Downtown LA has changed a lot in the last 10 years, urbanizing at a surprising rate. Fashion houses, posh clubs, new theaters, they’re all popping up downtown. However, like any downtown neighborhood, you have your share of “personalities” walking the streets. On the corners of 6th and Spring St, JK decided to be one of those personalities, reminding us all of doomsday. 2012?

An Expensive Venue, A Good Friend

The majority of the “MY TIME” MV was shot at 650 North, a massive club/venue space in West Hollywood named after its own street address. It’s a multi-roomed venue with a club, atrium, lounge, and cafe, most of which was used by the crew for the video. The rent for the venue was almost as much as the actual budget, but thanks to loyal friend, Kia, the owner of the venue, the crew was able to use it free of charge. Above, Tasha is shooting scenes in front of the same bar pictured below.

With a Legend: Rakaa Iriscience

The MV ends with two legends coming together. Since their collab on the English version of “Monster,” Rakaa has remained a good friend and personal advocate for JK and Tasha’s music. For this shot I unfortunately cannot pinpoint a location, but the two have talked about future collabs and are already mutually promoting their projects both in Korea and the US.

*EDIT* The last shots of the MV were filmed at VR (Velvet Room), a club staple in LA’s Koreatown.

Thanks to director, Dave Kebo, for helping put a story to the photos. 


[photos] “Where We’ve Been” – Following The Sunzoo Project Through NYC

During my regular browse through daily Drunken Tiger updates, I came across the latest photos on the official Sunzoo website that documented the group’s trip around the world. Being a native New Yorker, the NY photos struck up a slew of memories, and I could not let these photos go around the net without explaining where the group had been and the significance these places have in the Concrete Jungle. In an effort to better explain their trip, included in this post will be a few screen shots from Welcome To The Jungle, Episode 4.

Lodging: The Smyth (Tribeca)

Located on the intersection of West Broadway, Chambers St, and Hudson St, The Smyth is part of The Thompson Hotel chain, a highly rated group of hotels that are known for their trendy looking interior. Picture walking into a lobby filled with dimmed neon lights, lounge chairs, house music, and yes, a bustling bar connected to it. Sounds like a distraction to most people, but if you happen to stay in the upper suites like Sunzoo did, you find yourself far enough from the downstair distractions and possibly with a balcony overlooking one of NY’s busiest intersections. In the above photo, JK is commenting on how NY windows are strangely shaped.

The Smyth Interior

University Walk: NYU/Washington Square Park

Not entirely sure what prompted the crew to come here. Perhaps it’s because fellow Sunzoo member !llmind teaches at the university’s esteemed Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music. However, Waverly Place [above] serves as one of the four central streets that connect the gigantic NYU “campus.” Although not a real campus in theory, the main NYU campus spans 229 acres of NYC’s East Village, with dorms spanning all the way down to the tip of Manhattan on Water St.  If the location above looks slightly familiar, it’s been used in a number of movies, including “I Am Legend,” where one of the left houses served as the home to Will Smith’s character, Dr Robert Neville.

Underneath “The Arch,” the symbol of NYU and site of all their university wide graduations.

Home to Culture and Retail: Spring St & Wooster 

Given its close proximity to the NYU campus (10-15 minute walk), it’s no surprise that some of Welcome To The Jungle was shot in West Soho as well. Spring St connects both a slew of independent shops and high end brands (in fact, on the corner of this street is the Chanel Store). It’s here where JK talked about how he dreams of making Tasha a worldwide star.

The Transportation Hub: Grand Central Station

Being it was Tasha’s first trip to NY and JK hadn’t been back in nearly 11 years, it’s only natural to do some “touristy” things while in the city. Grand Central Station connects 5 subway lines in addition to providing express trains to Long Island and Connecticut. As a result, the station is filled with multiple floors that become a huge maze. Underground is a franchise of Junior’s Cheesecake, the infamous shop that Diddy sent “The Band” to via foot… across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Jhig & JK in Grand Central Station

A Real NY Experience: A Subway Ride

Anyone who has been to NY can tell you all about the subway lines. They smell like bathrooms, some lines run so slow you’d swear you aged another year just standing on the platform, and holy cow, $2.50 per ride? That burns a hole in your wallet. Despite its downfalls, real New Yorkers would opt to take the train over most forms of transport, often by default due to its 24-hour schedule, large span across all 5 boroughs, and its “cheap” form of transport. Rather than cab their way up from Tribeca, the crew took the train to Harlem to master The Sunzoo Project at Harlem’s StadiumRed Studios. I just wish I had pictures of the crazies that they might have ran into on the way.

Inside Stadium Red, artists like Usher and Jay-Z have recorded grammy winning songs.

Cool Down: Brooklyn Bowl

After a long day of shooting in Brooklyn, the crew chilled with Hot97 DJ and pop culture commentator, Miss Info, at Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Bowl.  The venue is a combination of a bowling alley and a music performance hall, spanning over 23,000 square ft.

There were a number of other photos from the trip, but I unfortunately cannot pinpoint where they were shot. I think its better that I just post them and hopefully they will speak for themselves. :]


[video + news] Sunzoo Official Website Opens, New “Get Down” MV

After two long months since the debut of Welcome To The Jungle TV series, the official Sunzoo website (www.therealsunzoo.com) finally opened today.

As part of the site launch, photos from the crew’s trips around the world and a new “Get Down” music video have been released. This new video was made  by TVN producer, BaeSungSang, from a compilation of footage from the TV series.


On a side note, the website still has some incomplete parts, but after only being open for an hour, it crashed due to an overwhelming inflow of fans visiting the site (so be patient if you’re unable to get in right away :D).

Photo Credit: DTBrasil


[news] Quincy Jones hails Tiger JK and Yoon MiRae “Best of the Far East”

In a recent visit to Korea, legendary producer and songwriter, Quincy Jones, had a chance to meet with some of the country’s top artists including Tiger JK, Yoon MiRae, BoA, and some other YG artists.

At the press conference held at E&M Center in Seoul on April 8, the American music legend said, “Such Korean artists are amongst the best that I’ve met in the Far East countries, including China and Japan.”

Asked about the prospect of K-Pop artists abroad, he said the future is very bright, and the possibilities are high for them,  “I was very much impressed by their passion and apprehension of the essence of the music.”

He added he was usually very stingy with his praises to artists, but he had to be lavish at this time.

On April 4, after meeting Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae, QuincyDJones tweeted:

Tiger JK expressed his admiration for the music legend after his encounter:

translation crecits:
photo credits: Tiger JK’s twitter, screen shots DTBrasil


[video] Tiger JK & Tasha Eng interview with The Creators Project

During their visit to New York, Tasha and JK sat down with the Creator Projects to discuss how they got into music and how technology has changed their careers. Watch the interview on The Creator’s Project website.

About The Creator’s Project: The Creator’s Project network was created in an effort to promote different creative artists, culture, and technology. Modern technology has brought the world market closer together, and The Creator’s Project works to bring different artists closer to their international audience.


[preview] Welcome To The Jungle Ep. 3 & 4

Leaked by TVN producers. These episodes will highlight Sunzoo’s trip to NYC and filming of the “Get Down” single with acclaimed hip-hop MV director, Rik Cordero.

Catch the next episode on TVN, February 22nd, 10PM (Korea time).

P.S. Today (February 21st) is JK and Tasha’s 3 year anniversary. Congrats!

-Miss DrunkenCamp

[photos] Monueal Autographing Session (Tiger JK & Yoon MiRae)

On a rainy day in September, fans lined up for a free autographing session in MyeongDong’s Shinsegae Department Store. The most dedicated of fans lined up early, however, once the two walked through the stores’s electronics department, a crowd swarms out of nowhere to catch a glimpse.

The two are the spokespersons for Monueal, a cunning edge electronics brand. Within a short hour, the two attended to 200+ waiting fans from a variety of ages. (Moment of the Day –  little 4 year old girl asks “What is your name?” and JK responds “호랑이[Tiger].”)


Of course, I could not go without fulfilling a request. Although I love autographs, there are others who deserve one more. A few days before, DTBrasil mentioned they were aiming to get JK on the top trending topics on Twitter Brazil. Lo and behold, the morning of the autographing session, they pulled it off.

Leaving JK feeling overwhelming thankful and expressive on his autograph to them:

Thank you, Brasil and DT Fam worldwide!

credits: first photo from Newsis

-Miss DrunkenCamp